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This page features periodic articles and notes by Dr. Cari and others on the deeper implications of her social mood research and ways to apply it. Visit her Live Trading Room for her daily market forecasts and trade signals on the S&P 500, Gold, Oil and USD based on her social mood data analysis.

Sporty, Explosive, Revenge Porn and the Stock Market Sat Jul 22nd 2017

What happens when you mix sports, fireworks, and revenge porn, and then turn it upside down?  I get that this sounds like a completely absurd question on the face of it.  Actually, it comes from a context that makes sense, and more importantly, will give us some good information about what to expect in our world in general, and the stock market in particular for the week ahead.

WorldMood July 17-31, 2017 Sat Jul 15th 2017

Last week, the region including Turkey, Syria, and Iraq was highlighted as an area that could receive additional attention for destruction or destructiveness.  Early in the week, rubble, destruction, and bodies were in the news coverage of the area even as victory was being declared by Iraq over ISIS and a ceasefire was announced for Syria.  On July 4, N. Korea launched a ballistic missile, yet the timing we had been using for our maps showed an "explosive" N.

Weekly Stats Fri Jul 14th 2017

I've been really liking the trade alert table.  I hope you all are too.  Please feel free to give me your feedback.  I am not always available to provide the ETF "bonus trades," but am hoping when I can that it helps in giving examples of using the trading signals, charts, and optimized entry and exit in real time trading.  Sometimes the once daily signals do better than I do, but I'm not always "brave enough" to trade market close to market close.

Battle Fronts: WorldMood July 10-17, 2017 Sat Jul 8th 2017

Last week, N. Korea launched a ballistic missile, and was a much discussed topic in the news.  Yet this coming week N. Korea may become an even more pressing or urgent issue.  For some time, the region including Turkey, Syria, and Iraq have been global trouble spots, but this coming week, this area may receive additional attention.

Getting Down to Business: WorldMood July 3-10, 2017 Sat Jul 1st 2017

A peaking interest in international issues is showing for the coming week.  This may have to do with the G20 in Hamburg, but there may be more to it than that.  What's our source of information? Over a decade of research shows that what we collectively focus on, as seen in our top weekly internet search trends, tends to show up as types of news events a few weeks later. The mood conveyed by the search trends can be quantified and even analyzed geographically.

Trouble Spots: WorldMood June 26-July 2, 2017 Thu Jun 22nd 2017

Over the next two weeks, attention may shift towards a more international focus, and to specific global "trouble spots."  How do we know this?  Over a decade of research shows that what we collectively focus on, as seen in our top weekly internet search trends, tends to show up as types of news events a few weeks later.  The mood conveyed by the search trends can be quantified and even analyzed geographically. The map below covers the period approximately June 26 - July 2, 2017.

Bent On Destruction: WorldMood June 12-19, 2017 Mon Jun 12th 2017

According to the top internet search trends, the world is in a destructive mood in the coming week,  and there are a few spots that stand out (see map and listed areas below): 1) The regions showing as explicitly destructive are: N. Korea, the Philippines, Sudan, the area between Africa and Madagascar, and an area off the coast of Chile.  A N. Korea "hot spot" may be of most concern global stability.  Areas showing as "off the coast" this month may be potential trouble spots in a future period.

Weekly Review and Stats Sat Jun 10th 2017

The World: This past week we were on the lookout for “A Less Friendly World.”   Our very first WorldMood Map post presented a graphic picture of this before the week began.  The most recognizable “hits” were items 3 and 5 in our list of 6 potential trouble spots for the week. 3). The Persian Gulf is another potential “hot spot.”  Watch for potential disruption or surprises there.  Also several countries (Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Oman) are in the area marked “Disruptive.

A Less Friendly World: June 5-11, 2017 Fri Jun 2nd 2017

Searching the internet for a view of next week’s world (June 5-11, 2017) shows it to be a much less friendly place than it was this past week.   How do I find a map of next week’s “world” on the internet?  To those familiar with our work, you know that we take top search trends and convert them into four primary mood qualities, which in turn gives us a near future glimpse of likely types of news events and market movement.

Comey's Return: May 27-June 2, 2017 Sat May 27th 2017

James Comey makes a return this week.  In fact, one could say his firing has a direct relationship to the mood reflected by the coming week's events in the world.  How is that possible?  It's probably not in a way you might think.